We specialize in providing cyber security products to autonomous and smart vehicles

  • Central Network Controllers
    The domestic first self-developed 4G/5G vehicle specification level central network controller product has passed EAL4 certification and is the first to be mass-produced and applied in leading autonomous driving companies such as Baidu Apollo and JD Logistics, meeting the requirements of high safety, high performance, and high reliability for autonomous driving.
  • Securing Intelligent Vehicles with our Advanced Framework
    Provide the Cyber Security Framework, including vehicle level information security technology solutions, component level information security technology solutions, key technology implementation specifications, software SDKs and tools. Provide unified Network Security Services for OEM and Tier1, improve network security protection capability, ensure security compliance requirements, ensure product reliability, reduce repeated investment, and provide standard and reliable network security technical support for vehicle model development.
  • InchTek Automotive VSOC
    Provide an operational framework for collecting, analyzing, warning, and disposing of intelligent connected vehicles, and assist customers in continuously responding to network attacks, threat events, and vulnerabilities. The product is based on compliance capabilities, providing out of the box monitoring rules and report reports to help customers quickly meet regulatory requirements and support domestic and foreign audit and certification work. On this basis, through the dimensionless connection with the nchTek security Toolchain, enable enterprises to conduct threat analysis, demand management, vulnerability management, and emergency response, help automobile enterprises to hold the bottom line of security and continue to tap operational value.
  • Ensuring Compliance and Equipped with Cutting-Edge Tools
    Provide customized information security consulting services for OEMs and Tier1. Can help customers establish a full lifecycle CSMS information security management system that complies with regulations and standard specifications (such as UNECE/WP29 and ISO/SAE21434). It can provide TARA tool products, assist customers to establish technical specifications for TARA analysis at the vehicle level and component level, and form a reusable TARA knowledge base, traceable security requirements, traceable security vulnerabilities, and compliance oriented Gap analysis.